CA-2000 Breath Alcohol Analyser



Highly Reliable, accurate and quick breath alcohol analyzer.

AL-6000 is a hand held, portable breath alcohol tester to
check subject's breath alcohol concentration with reliable
accuracy and it is available to test in Passive mode.

Product Synopsys

CA-2000 is an unique & highly-sophisticated alcohol analyzer utilizing the variation of electrical property value of the oxide-semiconductor when the alcohol substance is detected. And, with the development of new ceramic material combined with relevant catalyst, it can selectively analyze the alcohol concentration to the ppm unit existing in the human breath. Our laboratory made it in developing the highly-selective semi-conductive sensor reactive to alcohol substance, which can be differentiated from the other semi-conductive sensor products (which are often affected by other substances like smokes and smells of food). Furthermore, it did improve to the large extent the standby, response & recovery time  which could be crucial in measuring gas concentration.

- Detection mechanism of our unique semi-conductive sensor

When the oxide having the property of n-type conductivity is open to the atmosphere, it decreases the number of electron affecting on electrical property by the adsorbed oxygen and results in increasing the resistance. And, afterwards, if the specific gas (reducing gas) exists in the atmosphere, it reacts with the adsorbed oxygen and increase the electron in the oxide, resulting in decreasing the resistance. So to speak, the electrical property of the oxide is getting changed when a specific gas is exposed from the outside and our sensor can analyze the gas concentration from the variation of quantity.


1) Highly reliable accuracy by the most sophisticated sensor

    CA-2000 adopts a highly-selective semiconductor sensor (reactive to alcohol substance) designed by KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ). CA-2000 is an unique breath tester adopting this most sophisticated technology of sensor.

2) Stable testing data

    It allows you to get stable data for successive testing.  

3) Digital type : It displays by 3 digits (0.xx% BAC/BRAC).

4) Wide detection range : 0.00 - 0.40% BAC

5) Long-term stability

    CA-2000 can analyzes very precisely even after long time of uses.

6) Compact & light weight hand-held device

7) Short warm-up & response Time

    After power on, less than 20sec. of warming up countdown (200 to 000) is needed to make it ready for testing. And, exhaling just for a few seconds will reach you to instantly read the testing numeric digits.  

8) Longer life time : 3,000 times testing

9) Quick Recovery Time

     The sensor of CA-2000 can be purged in 30seconds for another time of testing. You don't need to be too patient to do consecutive testing.

10) Power

    9V Alkaline battery & one cigar Jack DC adapter included

11) Sanitary Testing

    CA-2000 includes 5pcs of mouthpiece for sanitary direct testing.

12) Alarm Sound

    If you are out of legal limit range, alarm sound will be automatically beeping. It could be customized depending on the countries.

13) Compact design and anaesthetic outlook

How to Use

    1) Turn on the PWR On/Off switch

      Soon after the power on, CA-2000 will start the countdown 200 to 000 on the display window. - It is a "Warm-up" process to make the sensor and circuit be ready for testing.

    2) When you hear beep sound & green lighting is on READY, please blow into for 3 seconds till you would hear another time of "Beep" sound.

       N.B. : 1.In this stage, if you don't blow within 30 seconds, it automatically shows OFF display for turn-off

      2. In case you drink quite a little (if actual concentration would be below 0.01% BAC/0.05 mg/lBRAC), it may not be activated. However, it shows still 0.00% and you're said to be in safe range.

    3) Then, the test result (BAC or BRAC) will be displayed by 3 digits for 15 seconds at the same time both READY and WARN lamps are flickering.

      N.B. : 1. If the BAC / BRAC data would be over 0.05% / 0.25 mg/l(default setting) respectively, red WARN lamp will be flickering along with "Alarm" sound.

      2. The "Alarm" level is adjustable pursuant to the local legal limit.

    4) Finally, it shows "OFF" for turn-off.

    5) For the successive testing, try again from No.1 to No.

To get more accurate testing data

  • After drinking, it is recommended to test after 30 min. It is because it takes 30 min. approximately for alcohol to be absorbed into blood from the digestive organs. And residual alcohol remaining in the mouth may cause inaccurate data.
  • To avoid testing under strong wind or in the closed room with contaminated air.
  • When the "BAT LOW" lamp is lighting on, it's advisable to replace 9V alkaline battery.
  • To attain more accurate data, please repeat testing about 3 times.

Technical Specification


120 x 60 x 25 mm


200 grams


Shock resistant, molded plastic


Highly selective semi-conductive oxide alcohol sensor

Response time

3 sec.

Warm up time

20 sec.

Recovery time(sensor purge)

30 sec.

Battery life

About 200 tests


9V alkaline

External power supply

12V DC adapter


¡Â±0.01% at 0.10% BAC
¡Â±0.05mg/liter at 0.50mg/liter BRAC

Detection range

0.00 ~ 0.40% BAC
0.00 ~ 2.00 mg/liter BRAC


BAC simulator (Model 34C/Guth Laboratory, USA)

Digital display

Three digits in numeric readout


Tester, 9V alkaline, Cigar-Jack DC adapter,
5 pcs of mouthpieces, User¡¯s manual, Carrying Bag


1 year

Caution !
  • This product should be used only to give an indication of the possible presence of alcohol in the blood. Do not use it to determine intoxication or whether it is safe to drive a vehicle or operate equipment! This product is just for your reference. This detector assumes no liability for the result of alcohol use.
  • Do not use it while drinking or smoking. (Measuring alcohol level at least 30 minutes after consuming alcohol)